Without the perfect ring and footing, no equestrian facility is
complete.  DAR Construction Services LLC is quickly becoming one
of the most widely used and respected ring builders.  Whether you
are in need of a quality indoor to shield yourself and your horses
from the winter months, or an outdoor ring to enjoy under the sun,
DAR Construction Services LLC  guarantees complete satisfaction
with their work.  We even provided services in the up keep and
maintenance of your rings and footing.  
DAR Construction Services LLC is also a distributor for the
PARMA COMPANY's arena groomers.  We can order, assemble and
deliver the groomers to our customers upon request.
Outdoor Ring & Fencing
Indoor Arena
Star Buildings: Metal Frame & Structural Supports
with either metal exterior or
Custom built wood & vinyl exterior
Indoor & Outdoor Ring
Footing & Maintenance
DAR Construction Services LLC
P.O. Box 857
Rehoboth, MA 02769-2500

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Riding Track
Rings, Arenas & Tracks
Installation of
Perma-Flex Footing
Dressage Arena