DAR Construction Services LLC can help make your dreams a reality by
building high-quality, custom barns.  Our attention to detail and high-class
interior design set our buildings apart from the rest.  As members of the
equestrian community, we have a greater understanding of the special needs of
our clients and, more importantly, the horses.  DARE Inc. guarantees our work
and we will help in the maintenance and upkeep of our products in whatever
way we can.
Wash stall
Shown: 12 x 12
Tongue & Groove
(shown unfinished)
Optional Drop-Down
Stall front
Open Front Grooming Stall
225 x 80  steel frame
indoor ring & perimeter built
wood frame 28 stall barn
with 2 wash & 2 grooming stalls,
2 tack rooms & 2 bathrooms
(shown unfinished)
DAR Construction Services LLC
P.O. Box 857
Rehoboth, MA 02769-2500

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Stables & Barns
10-Stall Barn
with detached
indoor ring.
Wood frame structure
with Crane Board
exterior siding
Wash Stall with Sink